Bangladeshi Job Seekers Must Do

Are you a job seeker? If the answer is yes then the next question is what kind of job you are looking for?

Most of the cases fresh graduates don’t know what kind of job they are looking for. It is not aberrant that the fresh graduates aren’t absolutely sure about their future career. Our education system is like that, it is not focusing on the career of the students. Our Education system isn’t producing skilled industry-oriented workforce rather producing only certificate holders. If one single question asked to you that “Tell us about yourself?” what should be your answer. Does that ring a bell, do you know about yourself. The employer always ask questions like

Why should we hire you?

What are you best at?

What are your negative points?

How much salary do you deserve?

These questions are really legitimate questions. And the job seekers must master the answer of these questions.

In Bangladesh youth dependency is 44.9%, measuring almost half of the young people are dependent. It is a red alert for the sustainable development. In another statistics, the unemployment rate is 10.9 percent. A country like Bangladesh where for a job vacancy there is numerous candidates, the competition will be very much stiff. Everyone is trying his or her level best for a job. Moreover, the quota system will affect you like thunder. If I have to draw an example I would like to tell you that the most prestigious job sector which is Bangladesh Cadre Service, has 55% vacancies are saved for the quota owner.

In this circumstance, general job seekers need to express them uniquely so that they will be selected for sure. To be unique what you need is a special set of employability skills. What makes you employable or what things you can do best, is the prime question needed to be answered. Let’s see the special job skills you need for your dream job.

  • Analytical ability
  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Stress Management
  • Preparing project Report
  • Presentation Skill
  • Public Speaking
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A job seeker must have these above skills to get his or her dream job. If you can master these job skills you will be the Candidate for the job.

The employer also demands some skills such as:

  • Gratitude Skills
  • Time Management
  • Networking Skills
  • Ownership Development
  • Leadership Skill

These Five skills are the prime skills that every employer demand because these skills will make you an asset to the company and be having these skills you will earn a profit for the organization.

Now here is another question for you, Are you Smart?

If you think a clean shaved tall well figured suited booted human being is smart, then you are absolutely wrong. Because the letter of the word SMART means:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Realistic

T = Time-Bounded

Are you specific about your career?

Is it measurable?

Is it attainable?

Does your aim realistic with your capability?

Is your aim time bounded?

Just answer these question, write it down in your notebook or personal diary. If you have done it then you have achieved 50% of your target. Now what you need is to work carefully towards your target. Don’t waste your time doing unnecessary things. Keep in mind whatever you will do; it should be only to fulfill your target. Time is the precious thing in our life you need to use it as effectively as you can.

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