“Education is the backbone of a nation”- an old proverb. To build a nation we need to strengthen its ability to produce intellectual. To ensure an active, energetic, enthusiastic, capable working force we need to nurture our upcoming generation.

Nurture means not only to look after their physical health but also to give proper time and dedication to build their mental health. Now, how to judge the quality of our education? Should we be happy to see the number of GPA 5 and the percentage of Pass? Or should we see a little further?
Let’s take a look of the results:
 Last Year Total Students Appeared in HSC exam 1.2 million, among them 58,276 scored GPA 5.
 Students of Science Group achieved top position with 41,468 GPA-5.
 4,731 students got GPA-5 from Business Studies Group.
 2,751students got GPA-5 from Humanities group.

As many as 1,90,851 examinees from science group appeared in the HSC examinations this year, 5,12,860 from humanities group and 3,03,342 from Business Studies Group.
Wow! It’s a very good result. And we are really happy to see the result of Science group. They are in the top position.

Now let’s see the performance of these “GOLDEN BOYS” in admission test of our Universities. To be concise let’s take a science oriented public engineering University, RUET. Below is their Admission test Result:

Are you amazed!! Total test taker was 5000 plus midst them near about 2500 passed the admission test. But these 2500 passed students have also taken the exam of other universities and they have also passed in there. So they won the freedom of choice to choose the best public university to admit. That’s why 357 seats are vacant.

Now let me remind you again that the number of GPA- 5 from science group was 41,468. Means still we have lots of “GOLDEN BOYS” left to fulfill the vacant seats. But the admission test is the main barrier. Our “GOLDEN BOYS” could not pass the admission test.

Now the question is if a student is the highest GPA achiever in his HSC exam but failing to pass the admission test of universities, then there must be gargantuan problem between HSC exam and Admission test. In one exam the students are the highest GPA achiever and in another exam, where the syllabus is same, are failing to pass. This is alarming!

As a country still we are developing so still we have time to sit down and think again to reshape the future of Bangladesh. Government should rethink about the education system and find the solution as early as possible. Failing to do so the future will be worthless or should I say “I am GPA 5”.

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Mohammad Towhidul Islam