“Technical Education Can Change the Fate of the Girl “

Every year we gorgeously celebrate Women’s Day. But have we ever thought why the participation of women in the workplace has fallen from 36 percent to 33 percent between 2010 and 2013. We all are talking high when we are giving a speech or writing an editorial in the newspaper but at the end of the day, we are doing nothing. Have we ever thought how this situation will change? Or why the younger generation especially the women are becoming hopeless day by day?
It is an inevitable consequence for the women in our country, because of the fact that conventional education cannot provide jobs for everyone. And we have a huge flow of fresh blood in the job sector.
In this crucial time of Bangladesh when we are trying to achieve SDG, we have to make sure the empowerment of women in every sector. Sectors like mechanical engineering, civil engineering or this kind of profession, where the participation of women is very rare. Just think about the fact that have we ever came across a female contractor or a female carpenter or a female CNG driver. Yes, we are lacking in this sector severely. And Government is trying to improve the technical side of the education system of Bangladesh .But well-trained teachers, well-equipped institutions, and well-equipped lab are lacking. And that is why as a whole the education system of Bangladesh is going into a hollow.
Now to improve this situation we need to think thoroughly and act as soon as possible .Otherwise, we will be in a situation like Pakistan or Greece, where Pakistan is lacking in the sector of education for women and Greece is lacking for the younger people.
In this circumstance, Technical education can save Bangladesh and give the younger women of Bangladesh a new hope. For that, we need to change our thinking about Technical Education and give proper support to this sector.

Mohammad Towhidul Islam

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